Manufacturer’s representatives specializing in storage & dispensing systems for the petroleum & water/wastewater markets

Past Projects

In 2010, we helped the Ft. Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport find effective and efficient solutions to managing their expansive network of rental car fueling systems.

Responsible for the fuel needs of 12 full-service rental car agencies, this consolidated fleet fueling facility often must meet the demand of over 20,000 gallons of fuel per day.  Along with some carefully selected products from our partner OPW Fuel Management Systems, we were able to provide a state of the art inventory and leak detection system, as well as drastically reduce the number of labor hours needed to properly maintain the facility’s 24/7 operations. Learn more about how we helped America’s largest rental car fueling facility thrive… Article 1 | Article 2

In 2009, the Broward County Mass Transit facility needed to update their fuel storage infrastructure to comply with new legislation.

This update required them to upgrade their entire system with double-wall underground storage tanks and pipes, and we were there to help ensure that they got the Xerxes product they needed to stay in complete compliance.  As the state’s largest underground tank installation to date, the delivery scheduling and logistics involved with the project called for expert level service and close attention to detail.  However, with our commitment to understanding the needs of our clients, and going above and beyond to meet them, we were able to ensure that each and every delivery was on time, in full, and arrived exactly when it needed to.  Read more about how were able to help the Broward County Mass Transit Facility bring their entire fuel storage system up to new code…

In 2008 we proudly helped Radiant Oil, one of Florida’s longest standing fuel distributors, update their facilities with state-of-the-art fuel storage solutions along with our partner Xerxes.

Radiant’s biggest concern during these facility updates was ensuring that their product storage systems would be able to accommodate rapidly evolving fuel technologies, including both ethanol-blended and biofuels.  By recommending a switch to fiberglass tanks, we assisted them in the implementation of systems designed to avoid contamination issues with the fuels of the future.  Learn more how we helped the Radiant Group future-proof their fuel operations…